Sailing on Broken Pieces Book Discussion Prosser Library Bloomfield, CT, Sep 29, 2015 at 6:30 PM

Please join me and NAMI Bloomfield for a lively discussion of Sailing on Broken Pieces and the national dialogue taking place on mental illness.
We will explore the historical context in which mental illness is understood, and pivot to the present to see how far we have come from, yet how far we still have to go.
WHEN: Tuesday, September 29, 2015 TIME: 6:30 PM
PLACE: Prosser Public Library Community Room, Bloomfield Public Library, Bloomfield, CT, 06002.
The event is free and open to the public.

Food for thought

We accept the fact that our hearts beat because of an electrical signal that triggers the heart muscles to contract. That signal is electrical, and is a result of the shifting of sodium, potassium, hydrogen, calcium, and other chemicals in and out of cells. If our hearts work this way, why is so far-fetched to think that our brains and bodies work this way too? So, when it comes right down to it, we are all electricity, all energy in motion.

A Community Conversation on Healing in the African American Community!

You are invited to a symposium on mental health, wellness, and healing in the African American Community
When: Thursday, July 30, 2015.
Where: Bethel AME, 255 Goffe Street, New Haven CT 06511
Time: 10 AM to 1 PM.
The event is free and open to the public.
Panelists will share why mental health and wellness are so important to the community and discussed in light of current events.


Sailing on Broken Pieces: Essential Survival Skills for Recovery from Mental Illness by Gary Rhule is a 2014 USA BEST BOOK AWARD WINNER: HEALTH: PSYCHOLOGY & MENTAL HEALTH.

A book on coping and recovery from mental illness, Sailing on Broken Pieces is told from the triple perspective of a sibling, caregiver and emergency room doctor who treats people with mental illness in the emergency room and copes with the same concerns at home. Told through vignettes from the emergency room intertwined with common symptoms of mental illness, its goal is to eliminate the stigma of mental illness. Oscar winning Best Actress, Jennifer Lawrence said: “It’s just so bizarre how in this world if you have asthma, you take asthma medication. If you have diabetes, you take diabetes medication. But as soon as you have to take medicine for your mind, it’s such a stigma behind it.” Sailing on Broken Pieces is unique from this triple perspective of ER doctor, sibling and caregiver of a person with mental illness. One in 3 Americans (65 Million) is a family caregiver for persons with mental illness. Sailing on Broken Pieces provides strategies and insights on how to cope while providing support for their family member.