When Dr. Gary returns home after his medical training, he finds his brother diagnosed with schizophrenia. Facing the unknown, he calls on vital life skills learned in the emergency room, and lives parallel lives where the unexpected is the daily way of life.

Told from the triple perspective of a doctor, sibling and caregiver, Sailing on Broken Pieces takes you into the life of the emergency room and into the life of a person with mental illness. The result is an energetic account that helps us look at mental illness and caregiving in a refreshing way.

“Like a firefighter’s tender care of your most prized possession—the family—Sailing on Broken Pieces wraps you in a soulful, cozy blanket, to land softly, but on solid ground.”–Chief John B. Stewart, Jr., Retired, City of Hartford Fire Department, author of Hard Climb up the Ladder

“…this is life in the fast lane of family dynamics and dealing with mental illness, or frankly, any family issue.”–Derek Jansen-Jones, psychologist, national behavioral health consultant

“A remarkable read that forces you to jump for joy—like poetry in motion…”–Charmaine Hunter, choreographer, former principal dancer for the Dance Theatre of Harlem