I offer today the first couple of lines of the poem,

An Ode to Joy: When God Laughs

When God laughs, summer breezes stir cooling the skin;

While monarch butterflies twirl displaying majestic wings;

Juniper blossoms fill the air; cicadas chatter, clap and cheer.

Chrysanthemums sway and petals fall;

Hummingbirds flutter scattering pollens’ butter;

Seeds floating in the wind, giggling at nature’s fling.

When God laughs, the Mississippi belches and riverboats lilt;

River Jordan stares as the balm in Gilead now appears.

Warblers sway and sparrows soar; bees make honey to soothe the soul.

Snow-capped mountains salute the sky, thunders clap, lightning bolts;

Torrents of rain releasing pain, washing away all grime and stain.