Mental Illness Awarness Week Oct 5-11, 2014

October 5 to October 11, 2104 is Mental Illness Awareness Week meant to increase awareness, support, and advocacy for persons and families living with mental illness.
Here is my poem, Graceful, dedicated to this week. I hope it motivates you to do your part to eliminate mental illness discrimination.


You called at half-past three that time,
On a lazy spring afternoon,
Saying, “Please pass the sugarbowl.”
I didn’t have the nerve just then,
To simply tell you, “No.”

Just like you,
I was lacking crystals in reserve.
My spoon was scraping bottom,
No cubes or grains in sight.
All sweetness there was withered cane,
It all was gone, just thresh.

I recalled the day way back when,
One appeared out of left field.
It landed in my open cup,
How it plopped in there? – no clue.

I’ve drank my tea without a trace,
Bitter swallows warmed the throat.
I’ve done that so many times before,
A master now—no joke.

I think about every kind word spoken,
Please say it at every chance.
I know that the day will come,
When it’ll circle back.

Surprisingly, it will not return,
Around the way you think.
And maybe never in this life,
Give kindly words, yet still.

Sprinkle goodwill everywhere,
To all you say and do.
You’ll be amazed how grace appears,
In time to salvage you.